Final Exams for Students with Disabilities

CSD’s Spring 2023 Final Exam Guidance for Faculty

With Spring 2023 Finals quickly approaching, we are providing some guidance on final exam procedures for students with approved testing accommodations. Please be sure to reiterate this information to your students.

  • Exams taken remotely should not be scheduled at the CSD. If your final exam will be a ‘take home’ version or given remotely in a location of the student’s choice, students do not need to submit scheduling requests with the CSD.  Please coordinate accommodations (i.e., 2x) directly with your students and please connect with the student’s Disability Service Professional (DSP) if you have any concerns.
    • Whenever possible, students should take final exams with their instructors– students are not required to take exams at the CSD.
    • Students taking their exams at the CSD must submit their requests to take a final exam at the CSD through MyAccess, the online system, at least one week (or 7 days) in advance of the final exam date.  MyAccess can be accessed from the CSD’s website homepage or directly at or directly at


                 If the exam is on… Students must submit a scheduling request no later than…
Monday, May 1st Monday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 2nd Tuesday, April 25th
Wednesday, May 3rd Wednesday, April 26th
Thursday, May 4th Thursday, April 27th
Friday, May 5th Friday, April 28th
  • CSD anticipates reaching seating capacity and may not be able to assist with all final exam requests. If CSD reaches capacity and the instructor has flexibility, we will do our best to schedule the student for an alternate day/time.
  • The CSD will be open extended hours (8:00 am-10:00 pm) to administer all exam blocks during finals week.
  • If students are approved for extended time and have exams that are in back-to-back time blocks on the same day, they should first contact their CSD DSP via email. CSD will verify exam information and submit a completed Request to Reschedule Finals Form to the Dean of Students office. DOS will notify you and the student that an exam is approved to be rescheduled.
  • CSD will be using in-person graduate proctors and live video proctoring to ensure the academic integrity of exams. No video will be recorded or stored. Incidents of possible alleged academic misconduct will be reported to the instructor.
  • If your final exam will be administered using an online platform, your students must bring their own device (laptop or tablet) to the CSD to take their scheduled final.
  • Final exams should be uploaded to your MyAccess for Instructors portal at least 24 hours in advance(preferably 48 hours in advance) of the final for the Accommodations Team to prepare materials.
  • The CSD will offer the following final exam return options:
  1.       Completed finals will be scanned and uploaded to the instructor MyAccess portal. *This could take up to 24 hours due to the high volume we are anticipating.
  2.        Instructors or designees may pick up completed exams at CSD anytime between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm the week of May 1st.

We appreciate your continued partnership in providing accommodations to students with disabilities. Please contact Lara Smith, Accommodations Coordinator, at or (860) 486-2020 to discuss any questions or concerns.

For more information, contact: Lara Smith at